About Us

“So, what in the world are Mudskippers?” you ask.

They are a unique type of fish that “walk” using their fins like feet. Mudskippers spend much of their time in shallow pools or out of their element completely. They are literally fish out of water. Mudskippers display tenacity and determination to get where they are going. They stand out from all the other fish in the sea because of their unique habits and abilities.

And what exactly does that have to do with writing?

The Mudskippers writing group formed in 2008. We meet monthly to critique each other’s manuscripts and to encourage each other. Our goal is to help each other make our manuscripts stand out from the thousands of others out there, and to encourage each other to keep writing and submitting.

About a month after we formed our group Gay submitted a picture book manuscript for our critiques featuring a determined little mudskipper. When we read that story we immediately saw the parallel between us as writers and those strange little fish. So, we adopted the name “Mudskippers.”

Mudskippers cheer each other on in when the tide is high—or low.

Mudskippers tell each other the truth even when it hurts. We say it courteously. We say it gently. But we tell each other the truth.

Mudskippers listen to each other. We bounce ideas off each other and give honest feedback.

Mudskippers offer concrete suggestions for fixing manuscript problems. We share ideas and information generously with each other. We invest in each other’s success.

Mudskippers know that, to stay afloat on the sea of publication, we have to link arms and do a lot of kicking—together.

So, come on in! Get your feet wet. Splash around a little in The Tide Pool. Introduce yourself. And come back often just like you do to your favorite spot at the beach. We’ll be here blogging and chatting about the thing that gets our flippers and fins a’flapping—writing for children!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I like this site! Great contribution. If I lived in Salisbury, I’d be a mudskipper–if you’d have me. Keep up the good work! PEACE, Matt (Order Fritz and Christine and Their Very Nervous Parents from Amazon. Mercy Creek coming out in May can be pre-ordered from Hub City Press.)

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